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  • Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance.
  • You Select the Amount of Protection Needed
  • Accidental Death Benefit 'doubles' your protection (optional)
  • Conversion Option to a permanent plan of insurance without evidence of insurability

Life Insurance Benefit

The policy provides level term life insurance for 20 years (15 years for ages 56 - 60) based on the Plan selected.

Available Coverages:

Optional Benefits

Spouse/Additional Insured

Provides level term life insurance for your spouse or additional insured.

Accidental Death Benefit

Doubles the death benefit if the insured or additional insured's death is a result of accidental means.

Children's Term Insurance

Provides $10,000 of term life insurance for each child in your family, no matter how many children. Step-children and legally adopted children living in the same household can also be covered.