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FirstChoiceSupplement SeriesHospital Indemnity Insurance Policy
Guaranteed Issue*
The FirstChoice in Supplemental Health Insurance Benefits

* To receive Guaranteed Issue underwriting consideration, the primary insured must be gainfully employed, and working an average of 30 or more hours per week.

Considerations for FirstChoice as Supplemental Coverage

Our Complete and Standard package designs each feature a variety of both inpatient as well as outpatient benefits, including surgery. FirstChoice benefits can be paid to any hospital or doctor and when MultiPlan providers are used additional savings through negotiated discounts may be available.

FirstChoice Plan Designs

Complete Plan - is particularly well suited to those aged 50-plus who have pre-existing medical conditions (remember, there is a 12-month wait on pre-existing conditions).

Standard Plan - design is suitable for those with limited budget who desire an affordable plan to which they can add additional customized coverage for necessary Critical Illness, Cancer and Accidents. (Available separately) It provides a backbone for a quality portfolio of these additional supplemental policies.

Supplement Plan - a cost effective way to provide a variety of benefits used to "fill the gaps" in qualified major med plans. While the Supplement Plan is sufficient to supply the benefits necessary to reduce or even eliminate the out-of-pocket costs associated with an average period of hospital confinement when used with major medical, it should be supported by additional CI, Accident and Cancer policies whenever possible for the highest levels of protection.

Maximum Benefit/Year*
Daily Room Benefit
Lump Sum Indemnity (CUL-HRLS)
Paid to an insured upon first hospital confinement each year.
First Hospital Confinement (CUL-HRFHC(2)) Based on duration of first hospital confinement.
over 6 days
over 6 days
over 6 days
Intensive Care Unit (CUL-HRICU and CHRICU14-LA) Limited to 20 days per confinement
$2,500 per day
$2,000 per day
Private Duty Nurse (CUL-HRPN) Limited to 30 days per confinement.
$250 per day
$250 per day
$250 per day
$7,500 per confinement
Surgery (CHPHISS14 and CHPHISS14-LA ) Per day when confined and a covered surgical event takes place. Maximum of 5 days per confinement
$3,000per day
$2,000per day
$2,000per day
$15,000per confinement
Anesthesia Benefit Daily benefit amount paid for each day that a surgical benefit is paid for inpatient surgery
$600per day
$400per day
$400per day
$3,000per confinement
Emergency Accident** (CUL-HREA) Limited to 4 different covered injuries per calendar year per insured.
$250per accident
$250per accident
$250per accident
Specified Injury Rider
(CUL-HRSI) Not in GA & NC
See rider for specific amounts.
$25 - $2,000 Depending on injury
$25 - $2,000 Depending on injury
$25 - $2,000 Depending on injury
To a maximum of $2,000
per injury

Physicians are available anytime, anywhere for personalized, secure, Web or phone-base consultation that includes diagnosis And treatment of medical issues. Members can use 24/7 Physician Consultations:
For common, acute conditions that can be treated Without a face-to-face visit. From anywhere - at home, at work or on the road. After hours - during the evening, on weekends or Holidays.
When they cannot reach their primary care Physician.
Product Highlights:
Offers a fast, affordable alternative for minor Medical problems and health issues. All physicians are licensed, board certified and based in the U.S.
Visit Fee is $0.00
For more information go to Online: Mobile App (App Store and Google Play): or call 1-800-Teladoc (832-2362)

Karis 360

* For the Complete Plan, per calendar year per insured person, unless otherwise specified.

** Insured categories are the insured person, the insured person’s spouse, and/or all of the insured person’s dependent children. Maximum total of 4 different sicknesses per year for all dependent children, not per child.