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Cancer First Occurrence

Cancer Insurance Policy
Protection Through Early Detection

Why Does This Policy Deserve Your Consideration?
  • It is guaranteed renewable for life!
  • It pays regardless of other insurance you may have!
  • Payment is made directly to you!
  • Benefits are paid whether you receive treatment or not!
  • Benefits do not change when you reach age 65.
  • You do not have to be hospitalized to receive your benefits.
  • Benefit amount is the same even if treatment is provided in a government hospital, VA hospital, health maintenance organization (HMO), clinic, or any other facility.
  • The Family Plan pays the same FOB benefit for each covered family member.
Cancer First Occurence
If you are diagnosed with Cancer
The Cancer First Occurrence Benefit Policy pays
the amount you select
Even if Treatment Costs are minimal
There are No Charges for your Cancer Treatment.
You keep the total benefit amount.
Available Benefit Amount to Choose From
  • $5,000
  • $10,000
  • $20,000
  • $30,000
  • $40,000
  • $50,000
*In GA Benefit Amount available from 5,000 to 30,000
You select the insurance plan best for your needs.
This Policy provides a one time benefit due to the initial diagnosis of cancer.
Optional Rider Benefits (Are optional and have an additional cost)
  • Cancer Screening Rider

(This rider is not available in NV)
Available from ages 18-64.
At your option, we can provide coverage for screening tests.We’ll pay a maximum benefit amount of $50 per calendar year for each Covered Person. That means even if you are never diagnosed with Cancer, you may collect on the screening benefit of the rider!
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