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Viva Life

A 20 Year Life Insurance Policy with Return of Premium

No Medical Exam Required!!!
Answer only four health related questions to determine insurability


  • To protect your family’s future.
  • Stays with you even if you change employers.
  • Can pay for every day living expenses such as your family’s mortgage payment.
  • Can pay for final medical and funeral expenses.
  • If you select Return of Premium and are living at the end of the 20 year term period, all premiums paid will be refunded to you.
  • To provide coverage on your children.

Life Insurance Benefit

The policy provides level term life insurance for 20 years based on the plan selected (15 Year level term life insurance for ages 56-60). If the full death benefit is paid, the entire policy will terminate with no further benefits.

Available Coverages:
$25,000 $100,000 $200,000
$50,000 $150,000 $250,000

Return of Premium Benefit (Not Available in: FL, NJ, PA and WA) (Optional)

The policy provides a return of premium if the policy ends after the beginning of the fourth policy year and before the end of the initial term period. The cash value is equal to the sum of all premiums paid on the policy multiplied by the appropriate percentage noted in the schedule of cash values in the policy. No return of premium benefit will be paid in the event the insured dies while the policy is in effect.

Children's Term Insurance (Optional)

The Children's Term Insurance provides $10,000 of life insurance on every covered child, step-child or legally adopted child of the insured. Coverage is provided on all living children named in the application that are a minimum of 15 days old and less than 18 years old. Coverage is also provided to any child who is born of the insured or legally adopted by the insured less than 18 years of age after the date of the application. A conversion option is available for each child prior to age 25. The coverage on each child terminates on the child's 25th birthday.