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Viva Living Benefits

Insure Brighter Tomorrows

No Medical Exam Required!!!
Answer only four health related questions to determine insurability


that medical expenses are one of the largest causes of bankruptcies in the United States . . . even for people who have major medical insurance. Is your health insurance coverage enough to cover treatment costs?


according to the American Cancer Society, as much as 60% of the cost associated with the treatment of cancer is considered "non-medical" and not covered by traditional health insurance. This includes deductibles, co-insurance, experimental treatments, travel to a treatment center, and the list goes on. The out-of-pocket expenses can literally be thousands of dollars.


the five year survival rate for all cancers is 65.8%1.
approximately 735,000 people in the U.S. have heart attacks each year2.
Stroke is the leading cause of disability.2.

1 American Cancer Society, 2013 Statistics
2 Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics, 2005 Update, American Heart Association


you and your family need Viva Living Benefits. If life threatening cancer, heart attack, major organ transplant, paralysis, renal failure, or stroke strikes, or if pre-mature death occurs, you and your family will be protected.


Viva Living Benefits

Offers a combination of 20 year term life insurance (15 years for ages 56-60) and a first occurrence critical illness benefit covering the following conditions:

• Life threatening cancer
• Paralysis
• Heart Attack
• Renal Failure
• Major Organ Transplant
• Stroke
Benefit Amounts:
$50,000 term life / $25,000 critical illness (50%)
$100,000 term life / $50,000 critical illness (50%)
$150,000 term life / $37,500 critical illness (25%)
$200,000 term life / $50,000 critical illness (25%)